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The North East Grand Banks Owners Association a non-profit Rhode Island Corporation dedicated to enhancing the experience of all Grand Banks owners living or cruising the coastal North East waters, especially New England.  Our by-laws state the purposes of the organizations as:

  • To create opportunities for social interaction among owners, potential owners and other individuals having an appreciation for boats bearing the Grand Banks brand name.
  • To foster enjoyable, safe and knowledgeable boating.
  • To promote environmentally responsible boating.
  • To provide means of communication between members for discussion related to recreational boating.
  • To promote pride of ownership in the Grand Banks brand.
North East Grand Banks Owners Association (NEGBOA) formally came into existence as an independent owners organization on June 1st, 2004 and is actively encouraging owners of Grand Banks Heritage, Eastbay and Aleutian yachts to join.  Non-owners having an interest in Grand Banks Yachts and wishing to support NEGBOA are invited to join as Associate Members.

We have  established a website, Facebook Page,  and an e mail newsletter to maintain communication with our members, and to share boating information and experiences, especially focusing on boating in the North East.  We have a Burgee (shown above)  that is flown to assist in identification of member yachts.   We conduct activities, such as our Annual Meeting and  rendezvous and cruises, to expand and compliment already established on-water activities in North East.

Joining NEGBOA will give you, as a member, the opportunity and enjoyment of recognizing fellow member’s Grand Banks yachts and owners when you come into an unfamiliar port.  There will be opportunities to share experiences and get help from other members when planning extended trips or simply going out for the weekend.  NEGBOA is a relatively mature organization and each of its members will have the opportunity, if they wish, to help and influence the direction we take in the future.

I hope that you will join us in making the North East Grand Banks Owners Association a success.



Bill Waterson

President, New England Grand Banks Owners Association


Tel: (401) 601-8830